About Us

Ichinose Emico Valves (S) Pte Ltd (IEVS), provides high quality valves and fluid control devices to a discerning market in the Asia Pacific Region and around the world.

Our Singapore office is the first Regional Sales/Distribution Centre (RSDC) to combine the strength of Ichinose Co. (INS) a Japanese valve manufacturer with a reputation for innovation, International Standard Valves (ISV) with a series of proven High Performance Oil & Gas Valves (approved from various Oil majors companies) and the manufacturing expertise of Eayuan Industrial Metal Co. (EMICO) which boasts a wide range of manufacturing experience and foundry facilities across the region.

IEVS boasts a combined experience of over 100 years of manufacturing, R&D, Installation and customisation know-how with over 80,000 m2 of manufacturing facilities holding certifications for (amongst others) ISO 9001, PED, CE, API 600, Fire Safe Approvals, Gas Approvals, Fugitive Emission Test and DNV-GL Marine Classification.

Our flagship manufacturing plant is located in Taichung, Taiwan hold the strictest procedures and operated under a controlled QA system in accordance to international standards.

A Full ISO QAS system was establish in 2000 which is cross approved with TUV DIN EN ISO 9001.
This plant boasts capacity of over 300 tonnes of annual foundry capabilities. In addition, our capacity are also supported by plants in Shanghai and Japan which yields a combined output of over 520 tons of valves.

With a highly skilled (and specialized) labour force, we serve a wide range of industries, from Nuclear Power to Waste Water, Pulp & Paper to Chemical, including the highly demanding Oil & Gas and

Sectors through A carefully selected network of experienced distributors/stockist, with proven track records and we are always looking for more partners to come on board

An expansive product range is offered by IEVS, including a world-leading range of cast and forged steel Gate, Ball, Globe, Check, highly engineered severe service valves, and steam applications offering superior performance across all major industrial applications. The range also extends to actuators and gate valves – all backed by the service standards, reliability and strength of our company.


We at IEVS believe that more end users are increasingly attaching importance to safety and quality of valves at a reasonable price.  Precision high quality trunnion ball valves (indeed, any valve products) call for precision production techniques and quality valve foundry materials.  We at IEVS go to all lengths to ensure that perfection is achieved in each and every valve (whether ball valve, trunnion valve, gate valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, swingcheck valve or needle valves and actuators) before it leaves our factory.

All of IEVS’ valves are manufactured under a controlled QA system with documented procedures that meet industry specifications and valve user expectations.  QA and QC procedures cover the purchase and verification of raw material forgings & materials for all our valve products, machining and internal process controls, testing, packing and shipping.

Each metal seated ball valve manufactured by IEVS undergoes design validation through functional and pressure tests, ensuring conformance international specifications and customer (valve end user) requirements.  Torque Tests are carried out to ensure that all IEVS valves comply with our torque requirements, ensuring that valves are safe to operate after installation and in long service.  All of our valves are certified to EN 10204-2004 3.1