High Performance Ball Valves

IEVS high performance ball valves and trunnion valvesnew are suitable for use in various applications, including but not limited to:

  • Oil and gas pipelines – Onshore and offshore – manifolds, separator systems, filter systems, drying systems
  • Transportation of Oil and Gas – pumping and compressor stations, pig launching stations
  • Gas Distribution – measuring and metering stations, pressure regulation & reduction stations
  • Gas Storage Plants
  • Pretrochemical – processes and storage facilities
Seat Construction read more!
Soft Seals – the resilient seat insert is the sealing contact between the ball and the seat and is securely locked into the stainless steel seat ring.  O-Ring and graphite fire-safe seal are the contact between the seat ring and the valve body.
Fire Safe Design read more!
IEVS valves are tested and certified fire-safe to API 607 Edition 5 / ISO 10497 – 5:2004.External – leakage to atmosphere is prevented by double sealing of O-ring and graphite gasket in the stem area and body joints.  In the event of a fire damaging O-rings, the graphite packing and gaskets prevent / minimize leakage to the atmosphere.Internal – in the event of a fire, the seat resilient materials, i.e seat insert and O-rings burn, and the edge / metal lip of the valve seat, preloaded by the seat spring comes in contact with the ball and minimizes internal line fluid leakage.  Leakage behind the seat is prevented by a graphite gasket.
Trunnion Ball – Stem and Trunnion Bearings read more!
IEVS’ high performance ball valve design incorporates a solid forged ball with top and bottom trunnions fitted with self lubricated PTFE impregnated stainless steel bearings.  This provides low friction and less torque.  In the closed position, thrust generated by pressure is supported by the trunnions.
Seat Sealing Mechanism read more!
The floating seat design for IEVS high performance ball valves ensures the upstream and downstream seat are always in contact with the ball loaded by the seat spring and assisted by line pressure.  Tight shut-off sealing is maintained independently by both seats at the same time.Each seat is uni-directional depending on pressure and this allows a seal in both directions using one valve seat for each pressure direction.  At low pressure, the high performance ball valve sealing is effected by the seat O-ring and spring that keep the seat in contact with the ball.  As pressure within the valve system, the seat reacts to the upstream seal, producing a proportional force in addition to the pre-loaded spring set to force the upstream seal tight against the ball.  The total sealing force is the sum of the spring force plus the force resulting from the pressure which proportionally increases with line pressure.
Double Block and Bleed Function and Self Relieving Seats read more!
As each seat independently shuts of line fluid upstream and downstream of the high performance ball valve, the valve bore and valve cavity are isolated from each other and the valve is ideal for double block and bleed service.  The seats work independently of each other and two different media can be separated by the valve.  As the seats are engineered to self-relieve, no pressure build-up can occur in the valve body cavity.  The floating seat design allows the seat with the lowest pressure (downstream seat) to move slightly away from the ball to relieve excess cavity pressure into the valve bore, equalizing the pressure.  This is done without the aid of external cavity relief or safety valves.
Emergency Seconday Sealing System read more!
IEVS high performance ball valves are non-lubricated.  Additional emergency sealing injection for seats and stem can be provided for temporary sealing if foreign matter should cause damage to the sealing areas.  As the valve is closed, the sealant is forced into the sealing areas of the valve.  This is not a long-term solution to restoring sealing, rather a short-term prevention till valve maintenance is carried out, as with each valve operation the sealant can be washed through the system.  Sealant fittings include safety check valves which prevent reverse flow, due to internal pressure of the injected grease.Stem – in the event of failure of the valve stem sealing system due to damage to O-rings and degradation of packing, an emergency sealant injection point ensures temporary sealing through the sealant groove.  Seal restoration can be performed either with the valve opened or closed.Seats – valves 6’ (150mm) and larger can be supplied with seat sealant injection facilities to provide temporary sealing through the sealant groove, in the event of damage to the valve seat insert.  Valves 4” (100mm) and below can be supplied with a cavity sealant injection facility.
Double Barrier Seals read more!
The body to end connections and stem sealing incorporates double barrier protection for maximum safety against pressure envelope leakage.In the stem area, the primary sealing is an O-ring followed by a secondary fire-safe graphite gland packing.Sealing between valve body and end flanges is by an O-ring followed by a fire safe graphite gasket inside the valve body.
Operating Torque read more!
IEVS high performance ball valves and trunnion valves are precision manufactured to ensure low operating torques, resulting in longer operational life.  Low torques within the ball valve allow the use of smaller size actuators and are a cost advantage when sizing actuators.  Contact IEVS for more details on how you can realize savings on your valve budget from this innovation.
Anti Static Device read more!
Within IEVS high performance ball valves and trunnion valves a spring loaded pin assembly ensures electric continuity between body, stem and ball.
Drain read more!
A drain plug is fitted as standard on all IEVS high performance ball valves.  This port can be used to verify valve seat leakage or to drain the valve if required.
Stop Plate & Locking Device read more!
IEVS high performance ball valves are equipped with a stop plate to ensure true open and closed positions.  This also takes out the guess work at site should operators need to be changed.  All lever and gear operated valves are supplied with a locking mechanism for open and closed positions.
Anti Blow-Out Stem read more!
Anti blow-out proof stem with a collar fitted from inside the body improves the safety and reliability of high performance ball valves from IEVS
Bore Dimension read more!
IEVS high performance ball vales are supplied in full as well as reduced bore.  In addition, full bore valves can have pipe bore machined to match pipe bores of different schedules for optimum pigging.