Application challenges in chemical industries vary from high toxicity medium to aggressive chemical compound ingression.

To add to the difficulties, extreme conditions with various pressures and temperatures upper limits remains the top concern of today’s plant managers. Production and engineering managers are required to meet the challenges of reducing emissions while still having to meet the tough challenge of increasing yield.

Ichinose Emico Valves (S) Pte Ltd (IEVS) place great emphasis of plant maintenance and production costs in our design considerations and supply solutions IEVS has committed itself to reducing emissions and improving the safety & environmental protection of client’s process.

We have attains industry accreditation such as TA Luft, and API standard to offer peace of mind solutions to the chemicals industry with high quality valves.

When you take a close look at the chemicals industry your will find the reliability of IEVS valves present in the production of polymers such as polyethylene, k-resins, vinyl chloride, monomer, catalysts, crystals, and many other applications.

The innovativeness of IEVS valves has also delivered us a strong reputation in sophisticated materials such as titanium, monel, and hastelloy which are supplied for corrosive acids, aromatic anhydride, sulphuric acid, ethylene dichloride, and others.

IEVS offers a complete and comprehensive range of quality valves for almost all chemical plants – including globe valves, gate valves, ball valves and swing check valves, with a reputation for great service, innovativeness and reliability.