Mining industry typically requires resolutions to make the refining processes safer, more effective and efficient. The priority is to creating a safety environment while growing the yield have always been a constant struggle. This does not helps by the corrosive and abrasive by-product managed during the extraction processes which creates a heavy toll of equipment and valve, Ichinose Emico Valves (S) Pte Ltd (IEVS) answer to the mining industry – Providing a tough yet competitive cost solutions that can withstand the severe environment have proven themselves time and again in the widest range of applications. These include processes such as Ores- leaching process, Pressure Reduction Actuated Valves Solutions to control and Motorized Valves to Pipeline Flushing. By reducing the frequency of Valves repairs thus decreasing costly downtime, IEVS are able to provide a cost-effective proposition to Mining customers concern. Our Automatic Valves Solutions are able to relieve the reliance of manual ones in numerous control applications. IEVS valves provides a wide range of application-specific answers to Mining industry where valve durability, service, strength and reliability are equally critical. Just some of the applications where you will see the IEVS brand, innovativeness and reliability include:

  • Slurry pump isolation
  • Autoclave inlet and discharge
  • Copper/slag slurry
  • Process ore slurry isolation
  • Oxygen feed lines and other process gases
  • Tailing isolation
  • Water flush lines
  • Sample lines
  • Acid injection
  • Steam sparge
  • Vent gas lines
  • Zinc tailing slurry
  • HP slurry