Nuclear Power

With the strength of a market leader, Ichinose Emico Valves (S) Pte Ltd (IEVS) are a clear choice for reliable service in the supply of valves for the nuclear power industry.

IEVS boasts a strong installation base that spans the globe, from the US across to Europe, South Korea and Asia.

IEVS, as a leading manufacturer of valves for the nuclear power industry, has enjoyed the privilege of supplying valves for nuclear power for more than half a century.

We specializes in Nuclear valve systems for this type of industry with certification of ASME ‘N’ as a mark and proven quality of our valves and manufacturing excellence.

We offer extensive experience in the use of control valve processes, and understands the precise needs of the global power generation industry.
Power generation applications that we specializes includes:

  • Recirculation and Process Reducing (Pressure/Temperature/Level)
  • Boiler and Main Feed Water applications
  • Condenser Feed
  • De-aerator Level Controls applications
  • Steam Pressure Controls
  • Turbine Bypass Control
  • Pressure Reducing
  • Anti-Surge applications

The experienced team always works hand-in-hand with customers in the Nuclear industry to provide the Cost & Safety Effective solutions, Always.

The nuclear quality programs at the IEVS manufacturing plants have been surveyed by ASME and are audited by NUPIC, Newport News Shipbuilding, DCMA, nuclear utilities, and others.

We are proud of the quality guarantee that this scrutiny provides.

As the world sees a resurgence of interest in nuclear power along with increasing demand for the option of clean power that nuclear production provides, IEVS acknowledges that we have a leadership role to play in promoting safety and reliability within the industry.