Ichinose Emico Valves (S) Pte Ltd (IEVS), values quality with proven validation, and boasts a history of well-established certification and QA system that has brought this global foundry to the forefront of the industry – with a reputation for quality and reliability that few can match.

This is a testament of why Major brand choose our foundry to be their casting and OEM partners.

Take a short journey through their track record and you will find such innovations as the design and development of a long-life gate valve (Inchinose “ESPERO™” series), which features a unique (and proprietary) ring packing system.
Others innovation and mission critical valve solutions includes:
The advanced Metal Seated Ball valve (EMICO “EA800” series)
The high pressure Oil & Gas Trunnion valve (EMICO “EA900” series)
The Energy/Upstream valves (International Standard Valve “BF1EU” & “BF2EU” series) which internationally approved by several major Oil & Gas companies.

Being innovated for use in the Petrochemical and Chemical industries, our solutions features:

  1. Good resiliency
  2. Ability to withstand severe applications
  3. Balanced strength and hardness with our Advanced Ball and Seat Hardening Technology
  4. Corrosion Resistant
  5. Flexible Valve opening Design accordance to API
  6. Negligible thermal expansion factor provides reliable valves Opening/Closing
  7. Up to 42” Nominal Size in Valve Body Materials including special material like Alloy Steel , Titanium , Nickel , Hastelloy etc.

When it comes to innovation in the valve manufacturing process, IEVS boasts of being the first ball valve manufacturer in Taiwan to achieve and implement ISO 9002 Quality Assurance System.

We also have the distinction of full certification obtained for ISO 9001 with cross achievement of recognition with TUV DIN EN ISO 9001.

Furthermore, IEVS is the first few Southeast Asia Valve Manufacturer to be certified by the Australian Gas Association (AGA) AG 201 for robust high pressure ball valve for use in the Australia Oil & Gas Industry.