Gate Valves

IEVS is dedicated to provided high quality and reliable Gate Valves for the widest range of applications.  Based in Singapore, and offering a full and comprehensive ranges of all types of valves IEVS should be your supplier of choice if you want value and reliability, combined with excellent service.

Features of IEVS Gate Valves are:

1. Packing Seal

This valve seals thefluid bythe contact pressure between a polished valveplate and the highly resilient ring packings.

2. Fully Open Action

The fluid starts flowing when the hole of the valve plate, which ascends and descends between two ring packings in front and back, goes up and reaches the inner circumference of the ring packings. Full opening is accomplished when the plate ascends to a fixed position (Ring packings and valve plate hole are almost concentric.).

3. Fully Close Action

The fluid is sealed once the mentioned valve plate descends and the hole passes the inner circumference of ring packings in lower direction. The valve is completely closed when the plate goes down to a fixed position thereby securing sufficient contact pressures.

4. Protection of Ring Packings

The seat ring packings are completely protected by metal in four directions, since they are subject, during the times of both closing and opening, to damages such as errosion and deformation dueto a compressive strength exerted by the fluid on the inner as well as outer surfaces.

5. Solid Matters (Slurry, etc.) in Fluid

The inclusion of solid matters (slurry, grains, etc.) never brings about damages to the valve. They are never pressed onto the valve plate or ring packings. During the subsequent operation, they are forced out either by the resilient ring packings, discharged by the fluid or cleaned away by the valve plate.

6. Minimum Flow Resistance

With the valve fully opened, the flow passage is free from unevenness and is almost identical with the inner circumference. The flow resistance is kept minimum in comparison with others for being calculated as one part of the

7. Automatic Operation

Since the valve is not of the structure which seals the fluid by pressing the valve seat, but in stead possesses the closing function in the course of strokes, it operates smoothly and requires no cushion devices or torque

8. Contact Pressure

When the valve is fully closed, the valve plate is pressed to the ring seat and this in turn increases the contact pressure which prevents fluid leakage.

9. Ease of Valve Maintenance

The valve maintenance needs only the replacement of ring packing. No special techniques such as machine processing and fitting are required. Due to the compatibility of parts, the valve can serve for operation semi-

10. Ring Packing

IEVS primarily employs the patented ring packings (ESPERO RING or ASFLON®) developed and manufactured by lchinose Valve Co., Ltd.

(Characteristic features)

1. Good resiliency

2. Withstand high temperature and pressure

3. Sufficient strength and hardness

4. Anti-corrosion

5. Small friction factor and favorable lubrication

6. Negligible thermal expansion factor